Issue #43

We always try to feature the best and most interesting guitar players in our interviews and we think we've excelled ourselves this time with two of the finest in the world – Steve Vai and Frank Gambale! We had to flip a coin as to which if these two fabulous players would be the subject of our Tech Session for this issue and Steve won, mostly it has to be said because Jamie Humphries is such a big Steve Vai fan and was keen to take on the monumental challenge of trying to analyse the master's style!

I'm sure Frank Gambale will be with us again in the future, so we can look at his amazing technique in more detail when that happens. In the meantime, we do have an early look at a fabulous new Frank Gambale signature Cort guitar in this issue's Quiet Room, so be sure to check that out.

Meanwhile, Summer is here (well, for many of our readers, it is) so we've teamed-up with PRS to offer you the chance to win a fabulous PRS Alex Lifeson SE Signature acoustic – a truly fine instrument to play and the ideal companion for summer adventures! As always, entry is free to registered readers. Don't forget, we want your suggestions of products you'd like to see reviewed, or artists you'd like us to interview. We can't always get the interviews we want but we do take your suggestions seriously and and try as hard as we can to track down the artists you ask for. Just email me your suggestions -

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