Emerging Artist Spotlight: Black Coast | INTERVIEW

Published 9 months ago on October 26, 2023

By Jonathan Graham

Black Coast burst out of their local scene in 2017 with their debut EP 'Crows Of The North,' followed by EPs' Ill Minds Vol 1 & 2.' The five-piece showcased their talents on an international level in 2018, while simultaneously receiving national praise including BBC R1, Kerrang! Metal Hammer, Rock Sound, Kerrang, Upset Magazine and more Following on from the release of their solid debut album 'Outworld', we take a closer look at the young band's rising career in this issue's Emerging Artist Spotlight.

'Outworld' sees the 'Stokie' five-piece Black Coast celebrate their brooding nu-metal KoЯn and Deftones influences, melded with the forward-thinking metallic hardcore sound for which they are lauded.


With their last tour shelved mid-way due to covid—and staring into a void of uncertainty—they entered the studio. New music gave means for reflection and a coping mechanism and writing the album 'Outworld' proved to be a healing process.

The new album is a statement of intent from the band, who quickly garnered a reputation as one of the UK's hardest working, wracking-up and impressive supports and a relentless touring schedule both in the UK and overseas. With their last live run with Ground Culture shelved mid-way due to covid, the band entered the studio to create their most ambitious body of work to date. What emerges first is the equally brooding and furious new single ​Paradise, which explores a sentiment perhaps many can relate to, after ​vocalist Charlie Hewitt found himself coming to a personal realisation during the writing process of this song:

"It's about questioning myself, why did l think being a certain way, a way that destroyed myself should be celebrated?" He explains, "Things in life do that to everyone at some point and dependent how people deal with them is how they move forwards. l almost revelled in this state for so long, thinking the way that l was being was okay when it was just making me lose everything around me slowly but surely."

This first of a number of singles in line to support the announcement and release of their debut album, 'Paradise' sees a growth in maturity and sound that not every band is able to establish this early in their careers. In conjunction with a new partnership with Nuclear Blasts Distribution arm 'Blood Blast', this is looking like a breakout year for the northern five-piece.​


Since the band's inception, Black Coast have continued to meet widespread praise and hit career highlights. In 2018, the five-piece were offered the opportunity of a lifetime to travel to Japan to showcase their talents on an international level. Meanwhile, the bands' previous releases received national attention, including Kerrang! Radio, BBC R1, Metal Hammer, Rock Sound, Kerrang, Upset Magazine and more.

Moving into 2021, the band's first full-length release unravels the challenge and adversity filled year that 2020 was for the band personally and professionally—and the means for reflection and coping that writing their debut album was for them. Black Coast will perform at a number of Festivals across 2021 and 2022, including; Your City Festival, Burn It Down Festival and Hammerfest.

Black Coast is: Charlie Hewitt - Vocals // Scott Pinnington - Guitar // Joe Mayer - Guitar // Jack Beardsall - Bass // Matthew Clarke - Drums.

Black Coast's debut album, 'Outworld' is out now via Blood Blast Distribution.

Black Coast — 'Outworld' Tracklist:


  1. Ache
  2. Paradise - Out Now
  3. Addict
  4. Mental
  5. Vodka Smile - Out Now 6. Void
  6. Outworld
  7. Twisted
  8. Burn
  9. Daydream
  10. Domino Rose
  11. Strangers Skin


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