Cracking The Code

Published 10 years ago on August 4, 2014

By Guitar Interactive Magazine


But when it comes to what we might call "virtuoso" picking technique, the fact is that comparatively few players, of any level of experience, seem to possess it.

Levi Clay

Once in a while someone out there on the Internet comes up with something truly amazing (did we mention Guitar Interactive?).  Levi Clay has had his breath taken away by just such a development. They call it Cracking The Code. It's by Troy Grady and we're bringing you the first part here!

Every now and again you come across something so exciting that it plagues your very dreams for years. It must have been five years ago now, but somewhere, sometime, someone showed me some of my shred heroes playing at warp speed with a camera actually attached to the fretboard and the next thing you know I was watching their picking hand at 25% speed. It was like someone showed me the secret to technical excellence, and then took it away and told me coming soon


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