Maybach Guitars: Maximum Quality...Uncompromised | FEATURE

Published 9 months ago on October 23, 2023

By Jonathan Graham

Maybach Guitars: Maximum Quality...Uncompromised | FEATURE

From the very beginning, Maybach has written on its flag not only to manufacture instruments of the best possible quality but to implement this consistently with the promise of "Made in Europe." This vision had been developed over three years of intensive preparation. It was successfully turned into reality when the Maybach ship set sail in 2011 and quickly set its course—driven by a wind of enthusiasm sparked by the many musicians thrilled by the quality of Maybach instruments.

Another storm called the pandemic that fundamentally shook up the overall global economic situation from 2020 to 2022 brought new challenges for Maybach. However, the brand showed itself to be prepared for this situation as well.

Wood procurement, undoubtedly the central issue for every guitar maker in these times, was addressed by Maybach in good time, for example, to successfully master the balancing act between traditional guitar making and the unique requirements of the present day to protect the environment. This includes, on the one hand, intensive research & development in vintage guitar science, but also creative and competent research for good wood sources in general and alternative woods in particular, to be able to professionally compensate for the dwindling supplies of classic tonewoods. This guarantees the uncompromising quality attested to Maybach instruments over the last years.

To offer the right product for every demand and price level, Maybach relies on a so-called 3D strategy in its production, which meets almost every musician's requirements. The three stand for the three Maybach production lines Standard Series, Classic Series and Masterbuilt.

Standard Series

In the Maybach factory in the Czech Republic, the instruments of the Classic Series are expertly built by qualified guitar makers – for the most part, from certified woods of European origin. If African, South, or North American tonewoods are used, they come from sustainably managed plantations and are certified. Every Maybach guitar in the Classic production meets the general sustainability criteria.

The Standard instruments are built to our established, fixed standards with the highest consistency. These standards naturally include the features of our "true spec "philosophy and offer optimal vintage handling and sound without compromise – and in a price range that is consistently tailored to the budgets of "working musicians ".


The Bodies

The bodies of the bolt-on instruments are made of two-piece European Alpine spruce or poplar, while the set-neck ones are made of two-piece Khaya mahogany or Okoume. The necks are made of European or North American maple and come with either a "fat "or "slim-taper "profile, while the tops of the Lester model, for example, are made of flame, solid maple of 3A grade.


Czech Workshop

Despite the traditional "true-spec "orientation in our production, modern times have a solemn word to say, especially regarding the instruments' handling and functionality. You will find contemporary fingerboard radii like 9.5″ for the bolt-on and 12″ for the set-neck guitars and the use of components from proven, first-class manufacturers like pickups from Amber (DE) or Lollar (USA), tuners from Gotoh (JP) or Kluson (DE), pots and switches from CTS (USA) and Switchcraft (USA), tremolo systems from Gotoh (JP) or Bigsby (USA), fret wire from Sintoms (BY), etc. Like all Maybach instruments, the Classic Series are sealed with nitrocellulose lacquer.

However, the Czech Maybach Workshop offers the Maybach Custom Shop, an alternative to the usual Classic production for those with unique preferences in detail and maintaining specific optical preferences.


Classic Series

The instruments of the Czech Custom Shop are built from hand-selected woods, which are weighed before production and individually "matched "by our experts. In this way, we guarantee compliance with our weight standards and an optimal neck-to-body match from both acoustic and vibration aspects. The flamed maple is used for the necks of the Bolt-On instruments, the alpine spruce for the bodies is one-piece, and the tops of the Lester models are made of solid 5A grade maple.

Furthermore, the pickup selection is extended to aggregates from VanZandt (USA), Lindy Fralin (USA), or Monty's (UK) in addition to the range of Amber (DE) and Lollar (USA) and the versatile VegaTrem (ES) is available here as a tremolo alternative. For those who prefer a vintage 7.25″ fretboard radius for their bolt-on instrument, this can be ordered to fit in the Custom Shop.

However, if you want to plan your Maybach guitar with us from scratch and tailor it to your personal preferences, then the Custom Shop Masterbuilt is the right place. Here, you work with a competent and highly motivated team of professionals under the leadership of master builder Nick Page. Here, you will experience how the motto "Dream your guitar, and we built it "is passionately translated into unique works of guitar art – day after day.




At the Maybach Custom Shop Masterbuilt in Wuppertal/Germany, individual one-off instruments and strictly limited small series are designed and built by Nick Page and his workmates. Due to the classic Maybach designs, everything is possible here – a wide variety of selected tonewoods in all grades, a large selection of the best hardware components, and first-class pickups. Of course, all possible and impossible nitrocellulose finishes are only one wish away. Plus: The Maybach Custom Shop Masterbuilt specialises in Paisley, Sparkle, or Multi-Layer finishes as well as in etched aluminium applications up to complete aluminium tops, and that in all ageing gradations – from very gentle to highly extreme.

The 3D strategy of Maybach production provides the basis for anyone looking for a sophisticated guitar to find the right instrument for them! Consistently aligned with our "true-spec "philosophy and the best possible "on-the-road "functionality, all three production lines offer the instruments that fit the individual sound, performance, and visual ideas, but also the budget of the respective musicians.

For more information on Maybach, please visit: maybach-guitars.de


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