Aristides Instruments Introduces Basses Made Out of Arium

Published 10 years ago on May 28, 2014

By Jonathan Graham

Innovative dutch guitar brand, Aristides Instruments, has created its first bass guitar using its very own signature and revolutionary material, Arium. 

(PRESS RELEASE): Aristides Instruments is producing the first ever bass guitar made of Arium. The instrument utilizes an exoskeleton design made of a semi-monocoque construction for maximum performance. Over the past year, limited pieces have been made available for review and artists such as Barend Courbois but now customers can place orders through authorized dealers or directly from the factory.

 The 050 is a semi-monocoque 34” scale electric bass guitar with a 12” radius fretboard, C shaped neck and 1.85” GraphTech nut weighing in at 9.26 lbs. The 050 is equipped with an active/passive electronic system based around the Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder pickups and includes a two band active tone control and two push/pull volume controls (one slap contour and one true bypass). All components are MEC Electronics. Hardware is available in chrome, black or gold finishes and includes the ABM Aluminum Bridge, Hipshot Ultra-Light machine heads and Schaller strap locks. Each guitar is set up with D’Addario Nickel Wound XL .045 - .130 strings, and an anti-theft security microchip. Available in aluminum, matte black, and blue metallic finishes, the bass ships with an Aristides logo leather strap in a Gator GC Bass case.

The history of Aristides Instruments begins in 1995 when a group of Dutch scientists teamed with the Technical University Delft to develop a material with perfect acoustic properties. By evaluating the woods traditionally used in making musical instruments, analysis led to a technical study of cell structures and differences between them. If he could answer the question “What happens to a sound wave in a material at a cell level?” it would then be possible to design the ideal cell structure. 15 years of research ultimately led to the development of the tone material called Arium.

By 2007, Aristides Instruments started developing guitars with the new material. Focused on achieving incredible playability, innovative design and utilizing the acoustic properties of Arium, they teamed with the world renowned Bouwmeester van Rens design agency. Since their development, the guitars have received international recognition in both the musical and design worlds for their revolutionary achievements.

Aristides Instruments is not the first to build instruments out of materials other than wood. But Aristides Instruments is different. Arium has been specifically developed to not only equal, but also improve the quality and performance of a material used to build a musical instrument. Arium has no fiber structure. This allows it to vibrate three dimensionally, increasing sustain and volume. Arium also does not contain water so it is more stable and requires less maintenance. By creating an exoskeleton design using a semi-monocoque construction, sound waves can resonate throughout the entire instrument without disruption, providing the player and listener with an improved aural experience.

MSRP start at €3250 (incl. VAT) or $3683 USD ex. VAT


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