AweSome Musical Instruments Releases S3 Electric Guitar

Published 11 years ago on September 12, 2013

By Jonathan Graham

AweSome Musical Instruments Releases S3 Electric Guitar That Gives You 35 Pickup Tones -

AweSome Musical Instruments has released their amazing S3 Electric Guitar. Using their high-performance patented Pickup Switch UpgradeTM product, this guitar gives you an amazing range of 35 pickup tones.  This is 30 more pickup tones than any other stock "S-Style” guitar.  This S3 Electric Guitar gives you all the additional pickup tones that you do not get from a stock guitar. Why restrict yourself with just the wimpy 5 stock pickup tones that all other inadequate instruments "offer" you? 

The S3 Electric Guitar gives you an incredible "Grand Canyon Wide" range of 35 unique pickup tones right out of the box.  And this is before using analog or digital processing units to add even more flavor to your output.  This is like an artist suddenly finding 30 more colors of paint to work with. Now you can break out of your “pickup tone prison” and sound better than millions of “5 tone” wannabes.

Finally, you can have all the unique guitar sounds on just one instrument.  This guitar will sound like a Strat, a Tele, an LP custom or studio, PRS, Ibanez and pretty much like every electric guitar ever made.

You can get the complete range of pickup tones that are possible – all on one AweSome electric guitar:

Blues, Jazz, Metal, Surf, intense Country twang, glass-shattering pickup tones and dozens of additional subtle pickup tones in between.  Gives the heavy metal crowd pickup tones so "Fat" – they're OBESE!

Even better, this S3 Electric Guitar gives you the Signature Sounds of ALL the guitar gods of every headliner group since the 1940s.  This guitar is clearly for the veteran player who wants quality sound.

Used in the studio, this S3 Electric Guitar gives you an incredible spectrum of pickup tones that you just cannot get with severely underpowered "stock" instruments that do not contain this Pickup Switch UpgradeTM product.  When you perform on stage, this guitar gives you dozens of unique and exciting pure analog pickup tones that nobody else has.  Your six strings will never sound the same again.

Even the "AMI" (i.e., AweSome Musical Instruments) graphic cuts on the lower edge of the headstock give this S3 Electric Guitar its own unique "edginess" that has no equal.

This is the first of several instrument releases that will give you the ultimate "Holy Crap" experience!

Nothing on earth can give you more Pure Analog Pickup Tone Power than our AweSome Instruments.


S3 Awe Some


You can get more detail about the S3 Electric Guitar on the AweSome Musical Instruments website.


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