Brand New DigiTech Luxe and Drop Pedals Now Shipping

Published 10 years ago on August 11, 2014

By Jonathan Graham

(PRESS RELEASE): Harman’s DigiTech and UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd are pleased to announce immediate availability of the new DigiTech Luxe polyphonic detune pedal and the new DigiTech Drop pedal for instant drop-tuning.

The DigiTech Luxe polyphonic detune pedal adds richness and depth to the sound of a guitar or bass with its subtle detuning effect. Featuring the advanced polyphonic pitch-shifting and tracking algorithm used in the legendary DigiTech Whammy® pedal, the Luxe makes any player’s tone more expansive, adding shimmer to clean guitar chords and sonic enhancement to distorted guitar harmonics and electric bass.

The DigiTech Luxe provides a variable detune range from -50 cents to +50 cents, giving players the ability to dial in the amount of detuning effect. It’s Detune knob controls the amount of detune and the Level knob blends the amount of the effected to the dry signal. The Luxe employs the identical polyphonic pitch-shifting algorithms used in the Whammy, to precisely track chords and arpeggios for accurate, glitch-free pitch shifting that perfectly complements what the guitarist or bassist is playing.The Luxe features true bypass operation, which keeps the unaffected tone of the instrument intact when the effect is not in use, with no sonic degradation. The compact, pedalboard-friendly Luxe is operated via its 9-volt input and included power supply.

The DigiTech Drop is a dedicated polyphonic drop tune pedal that lets guitar and bass players instantly lower their tuning from one semitone all the way down to a full octave. With the Drop, guitarists can get down-tuned chunk without having to change guitars or re-tune between songs and bassists can delve into deep bass depths even lower than a five-string low B. Featuring polyphonic drop tune algorithms drawn directly from the legendary Whammy DT™ pedal, the Drop makes it easier than ever to get down.

One look at its bold red, black and white graphics and its clear the DigiTech Drop shares its DNA with the iconic Whammy DT. The Drop offers a choice of eight drop tune and pitch-shifting intervals from one semitone (half-step) to a full octave down, plus an Octave + Dry mode that blends the original signal with another note an octave down. The Drop incorporates the same polyphonic pitch-shifting algorithms as the Whammy DT, to perfectly track notes and chords for precise drop-tuning performance with no glitching or lag.

The Drop features a Momentary/Latching switch to create dazzling hammer-on and pull-off type effects. Players can instantly get a drop in pitch of the notes they’re playing by stepping on and holding the footswitch – then releasing it to instantly go back up to pitch to add dramatic musical impact.

The Drop features true bypass operation, which keeps the pure tone of the instrument intact when the effect is not engaged. Its metal chassis is built to withstand night after night of constant gigging and its red LED is easy to see. The compact Drop is operated via its 9-volt input and included power supply.

Drop Pedal

The DigiTech Luxe and DigiTech Drop are both available now at £119 and £129 RRP inc VAT respectively.


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