Budda Amplification's New Boutique Guitar Effects Pedals Now Shipping

Published 11 years ago on April 23, 2013

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Budda Amplification's New Boutique Guitar Effects PedalsNow Shipping -

New line of intelligently crafted pedals includes the SamsaraDelay, Om Overdrive, Karma Chorus, Chakra Compressor, and ZenmanBoost/Overdrive.

Budda Amplification,creators of award-winning boutique amplifiers, announce theirhighly anticipated new line of guitar effects pedals are nowavailable to ship. With the Samsara Delay, the Om Overdrive, theKarma Chorus, the Chakra Compressor, and the ZenmanOverdrive/Boost, Budda raises the bar for effect pedal quality,craftsmanship, and tone. 

Each pedal is built with the same attention to detail andexacting standards as Budda's renowned amplifiers. Housed inheavy-duty steel casing and decorated with eye-catchingEastern-inspired artwork, Budda's new pedals look great and soundeven better. The pedals also contain intelligent features liketrue-bypass for completely transparent signal output when the pedalis not engaged, and in and out jacks placed in the back of eachpedal so that they can be placed against one another and save spacein a pedalboard.

Samsara Delay

The Samsara Delay provides from 20 to 600 ms of delay time.Vintage sound and simple controls help guitarists dial in just thatright amount of delay, from a bit of "slap-back" to full-onambiance. The tone control allows users to mimic the low-fi soundof an old analog delay or crisp up the highs for a more moderndigital tone. Other essential controls include Time, Feedback, andLevel.

Om Overdrive

The Om Overdrive is the perfect pedal to make solos cut straightthrough the mix. It has plenty of gain for modern music, but alsofocuses the EQ in such a way to make sure solos get heard! The gainknob controls the amount of distortion, from vintage overdrive togain that starts to cross into fuzz territory. Controls for Toneand Level, allow guitarists to dial in their personal sound.

Karma Chorus

The Karma Chorus gives as much as it gets with its includedvibrato effect. Engaging the vibrato switch and turning the vibratomix knob allows the user to dial from chorus (counter clockwise) tovibrato (clockwise) and any blend in between. The Karma alsoincludes controls for vibrato adjustment including speed control,depth control, and level controls.

Chakra Compressor

The Chakra Compressor was designed to mimic the opticalcompressors used in studios back in the '60s. Using the gaincontrol to increase the glow of the optical circuit fattens thesound. The higher the gain is set, the more it affects thecompression and attack controls. The Chakra compressor can create asubtle, warm, transparent effect as well as a full squeeze.Essential compression controls like Gain, Level, and Attack areavailable at the tweak of a knob.

Zenman Overdrive/Boost

The Zenman Overdrive/Boost pedal is perfect for a varied rangeof music types. It offers a wide range of distortion tones fromsmooth overdrive to all out crunch and grind. The Zenman also has auseful phat/vintage switch that changes the EQ to further enhancethe tonal shaping that can be achieved. The coup de grâce is theboost feature with its own level control. The boost can be usedwith or without the overdrive, so the Zenman can pull double dutyas an overdrive, an overdrive with a solo boost, or just as a cleanboost pedal!

Budda pedals can be powered by a 9V battery or an ACadapter.


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