DigiTech Next-Generation Whammyâ„¢ With Chordal Pitch-Shifting Is Now Available In Stores

Published 12 years ago on June 28, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

HARMAN's DigiTech today announced its next-generation Whammypedal, featuring chordal Whammy pitch-shifting, additional Whammyintervals and true bypass operation is now available at musicstores around the globe. The new Whammy retains the legendaryWhammy sound that made it one of the most iconic pedals recognizedby guitarists around the world, while adding never-before-availablesonic capabilities.Whammy _Horizon

"Guitarists worldwide have embraced the original Whammy and nowour new Whammy's chord-shifting and classic pitch-bending modesmake it one of the most musically expressive pedals ever," said RobUrry, vice president, HARMAN Professional Division and generalmanager of Signal Processing and Amplifier Business Units. "We'rereally excited about the many creative sounds that this pedalbrings to artists, and a number of pros have already adopted thenew Whammy as an integral part of their tone."

The Whammy lets guitar and bass players raise and lower theirtuning by up to two octaves, to create pitch shifts from subtle toextreme and dramatic musical effects not possible with any otherpedal. The Whammy now incorporates new pitch-shifting technologiesthat enable the player to bend entire chords up or down whilekeeping all the notes in the chord perfectly in tune. The Whammyalso keeps its signature Classic single-note mode that has made thepedal one of the most recognizable in rock and contemporary music,along with nine Harmony two-note interval settings and two Detunemodes.

Offering true bypass means that the signal from the guitar iscompletely unaffected by the Whammy when it's switched off,maintaining all the purity of the guitar signal when the playerdoesn't want anything altering his or her sound. This can beespecially important when using a lot of pedals on a pedalboard.The Whammy won't alter your sound - until you want it to!

The Whammy also includes 1/4-inch inputs and outputs, a MIDIinput that allows control of the pedal from an external MIDIdevice, and a 9-volt DC power input. The Whammy employshigh-quality 24-bit/96kHz analog-to-digital and digital-to analogconverters for clean, smooth pitch-bending sound. An on/off switchengages and disengages the Whammy effect, and a "Classic/Chords"switch lets players select either mode. The Whammy is built towithstand the rigors of the road, with a rugged all-metal chassis,pedal and footswitch with a bold "Whammy" logo proudlydisplayed.

The DigiTech Whammy is currently available at $299.95MSRP. 


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