DR Strings Announces Neon Multi-Colour Strings and Jamstar Partnership

Published 11 years ago on September 10, 2013

By Jonathan Graham

DR Strings Announces Neon Multi-Colour Strings and Jamstar Partnership -

DR Strings is proud to announce NEON Multi Color guitar and bass string sets, in which each string is a different color and UV and Black Light active. DR NEON Multi Color strings are super bright coated strings that will sound clear, bright and musical as well as provide unparalleled string performance and longevity.

DR Strings and the music education technology platform, Jamstar , have partnered to present a new tool in aiding teachers and beginning guitar students alike. The Jamstar platform utilizes a unique, patent-pending polyphonic audio recognition engine that hears what the user plays via their device’s microphone and gives real-time feedback while playing any acoustic or electric guitar. Combining the pioneering technology behind Jamstar with DR’s new NEON Multi Color guitar sets, students will color coordinate the strings on their guitar with the lesson in the app for correct finger placement, strumming timing and fretting notes.

Guitar teachers will have the ability to use the app for free as an extra tool in their arsenal. The Jamstar platform will allow any instructor to upload their own customized lesson into the program via a backend editor, so that the student may be able to continue to work on the lesson independently outside the lesson room. Teachers will have the ability to track success rates, and perform follow up one- on -one instruction based on the data gathered while the student uses the app. This key component makes the DR NEON Multi Color/Jamstar platform a valuable tool for both established music education programs, as well as facilitates the creation of low to no-cost future programs for community groups, schools, seniors and religious organizations. Marty Schwartz, founder of and the most popular guitar video instructor on YouTube (with over 220 million views) is already creating content using the Jamstar editor. “Jamstar is a great enhancement for what I already do online,” says Schwartz. “It enables me to add a new, interactive layer to how I teach music on the web.”

The Jamstar platform is currently available as an app for iOS and Android phones, tablets, PC’s and Mac (in-browser) and has over 200K active users. Over 8,000 lessons are currently accessed per day with an average use time of 30 minutes. The free DR NEON Multi Color /Jamstar version is now available worldwide and features over 100 free lessons from basic chords and scales, to riffs and jamming techniques.

Jamstar also works directly with Alfred Music publishing, the worldwide leader in educational music publishing, enabling Jamstar to teach the music of many Warner Chappell artists on the platform. Users can learn songs from The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Green Day, Foo Fighters, R.E.M., Muse, Evanescence and many more. Users will then be able to instantly coordinate the colors on their guitar strings with the correct notes seen in the app to learn and play some of their favorite songs.

"Alfred Music is excited to work with Jamstar ,” says Ron Manus, CEO of Alfred Music. 

The platform is a great way to help our catalog of artists and songwriters share their music in a creative way with the next generation of fans."

Find out more at DR Strings


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