Fishman Debuts Fluence Open Core Classic and Keith Merrow Custom Picku

Published 6 years ago on March 5, 2018

By Jonathan Graham

Fishman invited guitarists to Unwind with Fluence Multi-Voice pickups: “The electric guitar pickup has been wound since 1934. 80 years later, we’ve unwound it. Original and totally re-imagined, Fluence pickups are free from the hum, noise and nasty inductance issues that plague even the most coveted wire-wound pickups, revealing pure, uncorrupted and musical tone. Unwind, you’ve waited long enough.”

Since that time, the line has expanded and developed to become the company’s fastest growing segment. Fishman founder and President, Larry Fishman: “I knew right away we had something with Fluence. I knew we could create great sounds, multiple voices and more, but it’s always that X-factor that keeps you awake at night, right? Will players adopt? Will they accept? Can we really move the needle that far from the status quo and succeed? At this point I feel comfortable answering yes to all of those questions.”


Introducing Fluence Open Core Classic Humbuckers––Since the first guitarist grabbed a screwdriver and popped the cover off a humbucker, players have craved the look and sound of coverless pickups. The new Fluence Open Core Classic humbuckers further refine the coverless humbucker idea by exposing their Fluence Core––the heart of Fluence tone.

Fluence Open Core Classic humbuckers also feature a new “Voice–3” Single Coil. Voice–3 replicates the glassy punch of a great single coil pickup, and like the HF Tilt and other Fluence Multi-Voice functions, Voice–3 is either switchable or set-and-forget. All new production Fluence Classic humbucker pickups, Open Core and covered, will feature the new Voice–3 as a standard upgrade.


Introducing the Fluence Custom Keith Merrow pickup set––With almost 62,000 Facebook followers and another 83,000 subscribers on YouTube, Keith Merrow is a visionary guitarist for the new world. With his credibility, passion, a keen ear for the nuances that make the difference between good and great sound, and his multitude of fans, Keith’s signature Schechter guitars are some of that company’s best-selling instruments.

Keith has also chosen Fishman Fluence. Going forward, all Schechter Keith Merrow guitars (6, 7, and 8-string models) will feature his Custom Fluence set which is comprised of a standard Fluence Open Core Classic in the neck position and a slightly modified Classic bridge pickup that emphasizes the passive side of Fluence tone.

Available as standard equipment on Keith’s signature Schechter guitar, the Keith Merrow Custom Fluence set is also available through authorized Fishman dealers along with the Fluence Open Core Classic Humbuckers, with both shipping in March.

Fluence Open Core Classic Humbuckers - 6-String –– MSRP: $337.99--MAP: $249.95

Fluence Open Core Classic Humbuckers - 7-String & 8-String –– MSRP: $350.99--MAP: $259.95

Fluence Keith Merrow Custom Series Pickup Set - 6-String –– MSRP: $364.99--MAP: $269.95

Fluence Keith Merrow Custom Series Pickup Set 7-String & 8-String –– MSRP: $377.99--MAP: $279.95

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