Kemper Amps Announces Update for Popular Profiler Amp

Published 11 years ago on July 2, 2013

By Jonathan Graham

Kemper Amps Announces Update for Popular ProfilerAmp -

The Kemper Profiler has taken the guitarists' world by storm androcks the world this summer on major festival stages. To mentionjust a few: UK's best known alternative trio Biffy Clyro playedRock am Ring and the biggest venues in the UK. Muse have toured thebiggest arenas in the world just like many others as well. Numerousrecords were and are produced with the Kemper Profiler. Right nowDepeche Mode's Martin Gore plays two Kemper Profiler Racks duringtheir Delta Machine arena tour.

Guitarists quickly learned to love the Profiler because of itsauthentic sound, now moving on with the brand new Firmware Version2.0 the focus this time shifts towards effects and usability. TheKemper Company mothership looks already back on a 15 year legacywith the Access VIRUS, one of the most popular and comprehensivesynthesizers on the market, acclaimed for its sound and incredibleeffects. This expertise is now transferred step by step to theProfiler by offering worldclass effects especially designed forperforming guitar players.

A collection of new polyphonic Pitch Shifting FX now extends thecreative potential of the Profiler. Easily on par with the industrystandard in terms of sound quality the Profiler in some areas evengoes beyond what has been offered by even the most expensive pitchshifter devices on the market. With no compromise. For the firsttime a real time formant shifter for guitar is available in orderto shape the character of the guitar and compensate for thatunwanted "chipmunk effect" when pitch shifting guitar sounds.

"Pure Tuning" or "just" tuning finally is an option that tunesthe intervals in the "pure" or "just" manner. This results in greatand smooth sounding chords created with the pitch shifter whichhave never been possible before.

Listen and Learn

Additionally a lot for requests from the players of the KemperProfiler have been implemented as new features which most likelywill become a new standard. For example: When the Volume ControlPedal is put down to zero automatically the Tuner Mode isactivated.

Performance mode

Performance mode is a powerful tool that allows for organisingrigs in 'performances'. A total of 125 performances are available,each of which can hold up to five rigs in one logical place. Thetypical use of a performance would be storing the sounds dedicatedto the intro, verse, chorus, bridge, and outro of a song, andswitch between them using a foot controller.

Custom foot controller support

Kemper have been working with companies offering custom footcontrollers or chip tunings for universal foot controllers in orderto give choices to the Kemper Profiler users. Watch out forofferings from FAMC Liquid Foot, UnO 4 Kemper, and others.

Rig-a-lo-mania - A brand new set of Presets

A completely new The Amp Factory Rig Pack as well as pitchshifter rigs and presets have been added. Rig Pack 04 and KeithMerrow Signature Rigs are now included in firmware 2.0.

For more information: Kemper Amps



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