Peavey PV Series Loudspeaker Enclosures Now Powered with Efficient Class-D Technology

Published 12 years ago on July 25, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Peavey PV Series Loudspeaker Enclosures Now Powered WithEfficient Class-D Technology -

The legendary, best-selling PV® Series loudspeaker enclosures frommusic and sound innovator Peavey® are now powered with lightweight,efficient class-D technology.

The Peavey PV Powered Series includes the PV 115D, PV 215D, PV118D and PV 15PM, a line of lightweight and portable loudspeakerenclosures that utilize Peavey's legendary loudspeaker and class-Dpower amp technology to deliver unparalleled performance and valuein sound reinforcement.

The PV 215D and PV 115D deliver amazing power and clarity in aquasi-three-way and a two-way enclosure, respectively. The PV 215Dfeatures a pair of 15-inch premium Peavey loudspeakers with2-3/8-inch voice coils and a 60° x 40° constant directivity horncoupled to an RX14™ titanium diaphragm compression driver. Theonboard amplifier provides up to 800 watts peak available power andincludes Peavey's exclusive DDT™ loudspeaker protectioncircuitry.

The PV 115D is a 400-watt peak powered enclosure, or 800 wattspeak when a passive 8-ohm enclosure is connected to the speakeroutput, loaded with a 15-inch premium Peavey loudspeaker with2-3/8-inch voice coil, a 60° x 40° constant directivity horncoupled to an RX14™ titanium diaphragm compression driver, and DDTloudspeaker protection circuitry.

The PV 118D is a mighty, booming powered subwoofer boasting a300-watt peak class-D power section, an 18-inch premium Peaveyloudspeaker with 3-inch voice coil, bass contour circuitry, thruoutput and DDT speaker protection. The built-in 120 Hz crossoverallows users to hook up an external active loudspeaker for afull-range sound system.

The PV 15PM powered monitor has a 200W peak class-D powersection, 15-inch premium Peavey speaker with 2-3/8-inch voice coil,14T titanium diaphragm compression driver, exclusive DDT speakerprotection, line-level thru output and a XLR & ¼-inchinput.

Legendary for their sound quality, performance and reliabilityin live and program music applications, the PV Series enclosuresare housed in durable wooden, carpet-covered enclosures with abuilt-in pole mount.

Peavey Stack
The Peavey PV 215D ($499.99 street/$599.99 MSRP), PV 115D ($299.99street/$399.99 MSRP), PV 118D ($499.99 street/$799.99 MSRP) and PV15PM ($419.99 street/$479.99 MSRP) are available now fromauthorized Peavey retailers and backed by Peavey's free five-yearextended warranty.

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Features, specifications and pricing are subject to change withoutnotice.




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