Rotosound Introduce Six New Effects Pedals

Published 11 years ago on July 8, 2013

By Jonathan Graham

Following on from the massive success of the reissue of theVintage Fuzz Pedal, Rotosound has announced the launch of a rainbowcollection of six new and original retro guitar effects pedals. TheGreen Wobbler Tremolo, the Yellow King Henry Phaser, the Red PusherCompressor, the Blue Crusader Chorus, plus the Black AftermathAnalogue Delay and Leveller EQ pedals.

While there is no official release date set for these pedalsyet, we undertand they will be available very soon. 

All have been designed in conjunction with the award winningtechnical guru, John Oram of VOX and Trident fame. John has spentnearly half a century developing innovative electronic musicalequipment and has been responsible for a number landmarkcustom-designed products.

Using John's considerable know how, and Rotosound's attention todetail, all the pedals are built to deliver studio gradeperformances, are intuitive to use and have impressivecapabilities. The pedals incorporate todays technology forconsistency and sustainability combined with real 1960's design forstyle and tone. They are hand wired in the UK by Rotosound usingauthentic components. Each pedal is finished in a durable pressedsteel box in a distinctive range of eye-catching coloured hammerpowder coatings.




The Wobbler Tremolo pedal has a smooth range control of rate anddepth, vintage optical attenuator and unique control of its siliconand germanium signal paths. This provides a variety of sounds thatcaptures a vintage valve amp tremolo tone.

Making it easier to sweep through the entire audio range fromshimmery to vibrant, twisting to resonant guitar is the new KingHenry phaser pedal. This comes with PEAK, a control for the widerranging of phase effects.

Next is the Pusher Compressor pedal. Its audio dynamicscontroller provides noise reduction helping to get a moretransparent tone and help increase sustain. It aids thepreservation of that essential essence of the string beingplucked.




Allowing chorus effect to be mixed from minimum to maximum withLEVEL control is the Crusader Chorus pedal. This makes guitarssings with sparkly, lush sounds that have a rich smoothquality.

The hybrid Aftermath with its warm analogue delay and precisiondigital circuitry gives superb modern control and fine-tuningcapabilities helping to emulate a retro delay tone.

Perfect for tone shaping is theLeveller, EQ pedal. With itssilicon and germanium signal parts it provides constant bandwidthson either side of frequencies. With a choice of Boom, Fuzz and Honkoptions, there's a wide range of tonal options available.





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