Rotosound's British Steels Great for Nickel Allergy Sufferers

Published 10 years ago on April 24, 2014

By Jonathan Graham

Leading UK based string manufactures, Rotosound, has released its new British Steels range designed with players in mind who are allergic to nickel. The new series also gives great tone, excellent sustain and lots of volume. 

(PRESS RELEASE): Rotosound’s British Steels, designed to give a brilliant tone, excellent sustain and great volume are also nickel free making them great for guitar players who suffer allergic reactions to this metal. As only Rotosound makes their strings they have complete control over the environment they are manufactured in and the quality of the raw materials used, giving them and all guitar players complete confidence in the product.

Today nickel is present in the majority of metal items because it is inexpensive, adds durability and lustre to other metals. It is used in the manufacture of electric guitar strings because it also exhibits ferromagnetic properties that help magnetic based pick-ups function properly. However nickel is one of the most common causes of allergic contact dermatitis, which once developed means the metal, will always need to be avoided. Rotosound British Steels strings offer an alternative that means those with nickel sensitivity can still enjoy the pleasure of playing the guitar without compromising on brilliant tone, great sustain, a positive grip or superior length of life.

Made the same today as they always been since the nineteen sixties, Rotosound’s British Steels were developed when there was no option for nickel alloys. The brightness of sound, unmistakable twang, crunchy tone and highly textured feel is what has made them popular with great guitarists over the decades, and why they have featured in so many hit songs. The incomparable Jimi Hendrix used them to records successes like Are You Experienced, Axis: Bold As Love and Electric Ladyland. When Queen recorded A Night At The Opera, the legendary Brian May was using Rotosound British Steel strings, as was Jeff Lynne when he recorded Out Of The Blue with the Electric Light Orchestra. Other great guitarists who have used British Steels are AC DC’s Angus Young, Blind Faith’s Jeff Beck and Pendulum’s Peredur Ap Gywnedd.

The highly accomplished Irish blues-rock guitarist, Simon McBride also chooses to use Rotosound British Steels, attracted by their rich heritage and the bright twangy sound they give him.

Simon McBride & Rotosound British Steels Electric Guitar Strings 

British Steels are available in three popular gauges (product codes BS09, BS10 and BS11) and come in Rotosound’s new air tight, environmentally friendly foil packaging keeping them factory fresh until they reach the customer.

To find out more about Rotosound, their strings and accessories go to


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