Unveiling reSound, the Next-Gen Refurbished Musical Instruments Marketplace

Published 4 days ago on June 11, 2024

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Unveiling reSound, the Next-Gen Refurbished Musical Instruments Marketplace


We are excited to announce the launch of reSound, the next-gen marketplace for refurbished and pre-owned musical instruments and audio equipment. reSound revolutionises how both retailers and musicians buy and sell quality pre-owned equipment as an alternative to new, while championing sustainability.

We’ve partnered with eight leading retailers and refurbishers who, via their own stores within the marketplace, will be able to offer a diverse range of products—from guitars to synths and audio equipment—all backed by rigorous refurbishment, quality, warranties and authenticity checks. This extends the lifecycle of these products and significantly reduces the environmental impact of new product manufacturing.

The global musical instruments market in 2024 is estimated to be worth $47 billion. This thriving market sees increasing demand for refurbished
and pre-owned instruments, which often appreciate and improve with time. As a testament to this potential, one major marketplace's second-hand section is seeing 50% year-over-year growth, reaching $800 million in gross merchandise sales.


'Our vision is to create the next-gen intelligent marketplace, to redefine how we buy and sell musical instruments, making great musical instruments available and affordable to empower musicians, young and old, to find their sound and inspiration to create music that sets the world in motion' said Evan Michaels, CEO of reSound.


reSound, with its forthcoming advanced AI-powered tools, is building the next-gen marketplace experience, offering unmatched competitive market analysis, advanced instrument authenticity verification, and pricing insights, giving buyers confidence that they are purchasing authentic gear at a fair, market-verified price.

'reSound is the platform retailers have been crying out for' said Lee Alexander, CRO of reSound. 'We offer a dedicated space for retailers to directly connect with a passionate community of musicians and audio enthusiasts. Our platform allows retailers not only to sell their pre- owned items but also to purchase directly from reSound members, creating a new channel for pre-owned stock acquisition. For any retailer aiming to expand in today’s competitive market, joining reSound isn’t just an option—it’s essential.'

To further enhance the seller and buyer experience, only selected retail partners who meet our high standards for quality and service are eligible to list and sell items. Once selected, retailers can list and sell on reSound without the burden of hefty fees and hidden charges.


About reSound and the co-founders

reSound is redefining the musical instrument market with its UK-based platform for refurbished and pre-loved gear, making high-quality instruments accessible and affordable while championing sustainability.

Co-founders Evan Michaels and Lee Alexander bring decades of combined experience and expertise to the helm.

Evan's visionary leadership, fuelled by a lifelong passion for music and previous success with sustainable platforms like HELPFUL, drives reSound's mission to empower musicians worldwide.

Lee's extensive background in global sales, marketing, and brand consultancy, with a track record of over £50 million in sales, ensures reSound's commitment to excellence and innovation.

Together, Evan and Lee are revolutionising the music and audio retail industries, creating the next-gen marketplace that empowers musicians to find their unique sound and inspiration.


Join us for the launch

The launch event will be at the Proud Galleries in London on Friday, June 14, 2024, at 4pm, in partnership with leading UK musical instrument retailers and some well-known names from Denmark Street, the most iconic guitar street in the world.

RSVP here:

For more details and to join the reSound, visit:


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Unveiling reSound, the Next-Gen Refurbished Musical Instruments Marketplace
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