Vintage Revolution Releases the First Hybrid Analogue Multi-Effect

Published 12 years ago on June 6, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Vintage Revolution Releases the First Hybrid AnalogueMulti-Effect -

Vintage Revolution (VR) has announced the release of the world'sfirst hybrid analogue multi-effect. The PedalPro System, whichincludes an analogue multi-effect processor and foot controller,showcases a ground-breaking new technology that allows multipleanalogue effects to be controlled digitally. With no patch cablesor DSPs and only the best, high-end audio components, PedalProSystem offers musicians the holy grail of sound effects units: astate-of-the-art analogue effects chain in which the parameters ofevery effect can be controlled, stored and recalled at the press ofa button, even modified live using an expression pedal.

The PedalPro Multi-effect contains 14 pure analogue effects: asolid state compressor/limiter, a JFET distortion, a stereo opticalnoise gate, a fasel-based optical wah, vowel generators, envelopefilters, an optical phaser, a tremolo panner, boost, a BBDchorus-flanger-delay, and a stereo volume pedal.

Users can control, store and recall the settings of everyeffect's parameters via a central digital interface. Unlike digitalsound processing units, the PedalPro uses a smart, four-processorbased architecture that enables users to control their analogueeffect without the sound ever being digitised. Users can enjoy thebest, studio-quality analogue sound available on the market whilegaining a controllability and creative scope never beforepossible.

Key features:

  • 14 classic analogue effects designed to work togethersimultaneously and in any number of configurations.
  • Ability to assign an expression pedal to any analogue parameterincluding the wah, wet/dry, volume, gain, depth, tempo and othersto alter their range as you play.
  • Option to integrate and control external effects using pre andpost loops
  • More sound options and the ability to produce entirely newsounds owing to the number of parameters accessible and theirmodulation functions.
  • One high-input impedance JFET buffer instead of severalmulti-stage stomp box buffers.
  • Easy and intuitive to use.
  • Higher headroom and dynamic due to 30V internal power supply(+/-15V).
  • 21 golden-plated moisture-free relays to provide the optimumconnection between your
  • effects and true bypass.
  • Silent switching between presets.
  • Wide variety of different routing possibilities.
  • Ability to create entirely new modulating waveforms andsynchronisable functions for all new sounds.
  • Full recall and storage of 500 complete analogue presets and anunlimited number on a MAC/PC-based preset library using USBinterface.
  • Made in the Netherlands with the tightest manufacturing qualitycontrol to ensure total reliability and a lifelong investment.
  • The Pedalino Foot Controller brings users complete control ofthe PedalPro Multi-effect via four multi-level pressure-sensorpads. At less than a centimetre thick, Pedalino's radical ergonomicshape and large switching pads reduce errors while eliminating themechanical noise inherent to existing foot controllers. Users canswitch between presets with minimal effort and maximum
  • control, comfort, and precision.

Ideal for live performances, Pedalino users can enjoy a cleanstage, while remotely adjusting, storing and recalling theparameters of their presets on the fly. Using an expression pedal,users can adjust the range of their parameters in real-time, asthey play.

Key features:

  • No moving parts and nothing to break down for a longerlife-span.
  • Easy to use. No programming required thanks to a bidirectionalprotocol (ADES). Sound names, preset parameters and theirconfigurations are instantly downloadable from the PedalPro.
  • Jump silently between presets in one motion.
  • Extra-large, visible display.
  • Change guitars in total silence using the mute button.
  • Tune your guitar with all-new precision and ease.
  • Modify effects' parameters while playing live using anexpression pedal.
  • Customise the level of force required to activate thefootpads.

The PedalPro System (Multi-effect + Foot Controller) is nowavailable for €1999.- (incl. 19% VAT). This price does not includethe expression pedal. All products can be purchased on the VintageRevolution website and shipped to any location in Europe.

For full details of the PedalPro System including sound samples,visit our website at



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