Vintage VS6s serve up a tone triple for 2019

Published 5 years ago on January 10, 2019

By Jonathan Graham

Vintage VS6s serve up a tone triple for 2019

The brand new selection of Vintage VS6 electric guitars are designed for the player who demands a little something extra. Expanding on the exquisite tonal palette of their predecessors, the latest VS6 models feature a triple pickup configuration, taking you beyond the boundaries of tradition, and presenting you with hitherto unheard tones and new sonic possibilities.

Featuring an ingeniously designed drop shoulder and offset heel to provide improved access to the upper frets, the new VS63VW, VS63CR and VS63VCR each sport three Wilkinson® double coil pickups, giving you more variety, more expression, and more tone!

Every VS6 solid body electric guitar is equipped with premium-quality Wilkinson® hardware; smooth and reliable tuning keys come as standard, whilst Wilkinson® bridges and Graphtech® Nubone XB nuts combine to provide maximum tone transfer for the ultimate in endless, singing sustain.

Both the VS63VW (Vintage White) and VS63CR (Cherry Red) come fitted with gold Wilkinson® WJ303 tuning keys, matching gold pickup covers, Tune-O-matic® bridge and stop tailpiece; the Cherry Red VS63VCR features WJ44 tuners, chrome Wilkinson® hardware and a Wilkinson® Vibrola bridge system. The Vibrola allows you to impart even greater expression on your playing, adding vibrato and note-bending capabilities, further complementing the expanded tone choices made possible by addition of the middle pickup.

All of the new VS6 models utilise a traditional twin tone and volume pot configuration, with a three-way selector switch choosing between the trio of pickups.

Whether you choose to employ it as a studio workhorse, your new go-to live instrument, or both, the 2019 Vintage VS6 solid body guitar offers a triple dose of glorious tone.

Vintage VS4CR Bass has low end by the spoonful

Featuring a Mahogany body with an ingeniously designed drop shoulder and offset heel to provide improved access to the upper frets, the Cherry Red VS4CR allows you to venture up to the dusty reaches of the 20 fret Mahogany set neck, as well as provide thudding bottom end. 

The instrument's bass response and lower register harmonics are maximised by the inclusion of a Graphtech NuBone nut, while a set of Wilkinson® WJBL200 machine heads keep your tuning locked in for the night.

The VS4CR is outfitted with a set of chrome double coil pickups; a jumbo double coil at the neck and a mini double coil in the bridge position. 

The smooth and rounded tones at the neck are contrasted by the cut and thrust of the bridge pickup, which provides enough articulation and clarity to leave you Sitting on Top of the World. Even better, thanks to the inclusion of a Roll Control, the sounds from both the neck and bridge pickups can be blended together, allowing you to dial right in on your own signature tone.

Whether your bass provides the bedrock on which your power trio's sound is built, or your upper fret, single note forays are keeping jaws on the floor, the VS4CR is ready to go Rollin' and Tumblin' whenever you are.



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