Vox Introduces Amphones, Headphones With Built-in Guitar And Bass Amplifiers

Published 12 years ago on September 10, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Vox Amplification has announced the release of Amphones, activeheadphones that feature integrated AmPlug micro amps and can beplugged directly into an electric guitar or bass.

Designed in conjunction with headphone specialists AudioTechnica, Amphones, will give guitarists the chance to enjoylate-night or private practice sessions as well as being able tolisten to their recordings or other music without switchingheadphones.


Four Amphones models are available:

• "AC30" reproduces the sound of the classic VOX AC30amplifier;

• "Twin" simulates the sound of a famous US-made clean comboamp

• "Lead" covers lead guitar sounds ranging from UK-made amps toUS-made high-gain boutique amps

• "Bass" models VOX's classic AC100 bass amp with a wide-rangedesign to accommodate a variety of tonal possibilities


The VOX amPlug Series of palm-sized headphone guitar amplifiersenables musicians to easily plug their amPlug into any guitar, andattach a pair of headphones to achieve high quality guitar soundsanywhere. Now, amPhones make it even easier for you. While theamPlug required the user to provide the headphones, the amPhonesare headphones that have the amPlug technology already built in!Just plug in your instrument, and enjoy serious guitar/bass soundand superb comfort. amPhones are created using headphone technologyfrom Audio-Technica, the name you trust for headphones. amPhonescan also be used as conventional headphones when the amplifiersimulator is switched off. You can connect your guitar/bass tothese headphones, or use them for listening to music. amPhones arewhat you need, whether you're practicing by yourself in your room,or listening to your portable audio player on the way to thestudio. amPhones are a must-have item for any VOX enthusiast.



Choose from four different versions

amPhones come in four models: the "AC30" faithfully reproducesthe sound of the classic VOX AC30 amplifier, the "Twin" simulatesthe sound of a famous US-made clean combo amp, the "Lead" coverslead guitar sounds ranging from UK-made amps to US-made high-gainboutique amps, and the "Bass" models VOX's classic AC100 bass ampwith a wide-range design to meet the needs of today's modernelectric bass players. Each uses a completely analog design inorder to faithfully model the circuit response of the original amp,and will satisfy even the most critical listener.

Numerous high-quality effects arebuilt-in
The amPhones series contains numerous effects that add variety tothe sound. The "AC30," "Twin," and "Lead" providereverb/chorus/delay, and "Bass" provides a compressor. Each effectis adjustable, giving you sound with superb presence that willbring out your best performances.

Also usable as headphones
When you disconnect your guitar/bass and power-off your amPhones,they will function as a conventional set of headphones that offerthe superb sound quality that you would expect from VOX. Theheadphones themselves are made by Audio-Technica, the name youtrust in headphones. You'll enjoy optimum sound quality and acomfortable fit that will not produce listener fatigue, even duringextended listening sessions. Their folding design allows easyportability, and the extension cable and adaptor plug are alsoincluded, making these units an excellent choice for theirstand-alone headphone functionality. 

Consumer channels
More and more these days, headphones are used by many music loversas a "must have" accessory and fashion statement. Introducing theiconic Vox brand into this segment will allow Vox to be "seen andheard" in mainstream consumer markets as well as existing musicindustry channels.

The VOX Amphones will be available mid-fall 2012 for a U.S.street price of $99.99.

For more info, visit VoxAmplification.


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