Published 7 months ago on November 17, 2023

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Vox Mini Go Series 10 Watt + VSF3 Footswitch

MSRP: (UK) £219 / (US) $382

The Vox Mini Go 10 is a portable modelling guitar amplifier designed for travel and on-the-go music working events. It's targeted at artists that do small events like coffee shops, outdoor busking, or any small-scale events where portability without sacrificing options are the target.The amp models used to define the sound of the VOX MINI GO series use the "VET" modelling technology used on the VOX Cambridge50, which offers a realistic and responsive sound. Rodney McG tells us more.

The main feature of the amp is its numerous profiles offering multiple clean, crunch, and high-gain amp sound to fit nearly any situation in any genre. Of course, with it being from Vox, the legendary AC 30 amp is included in the models. Surprising, there are also a number of emulations that are an obvious tip of the hat to Hi-gain favourites like the JCM 800, and Mesa dual rectifier.

Multiple sound sources can be added into the mix along with the standard instrument input. There is a mic input allowing accompaniment by voice, or add another performer, as well as an auxiliary input for playing other backing tracks and sound sources.

Along with the models, there are two different sets of effects. The first is a Delay and Reverb section. The second is a modulation effect section with chorus, phaser, tremolo, and an octave emulator on top. By moving the dial through the labelled section of the effect, you can create stronger or less present versions of the effect without having to use separate dials or edit menus. This is a welcome feature, especially when you have to make adjustments to sound in real-time.

One knob controls not only your effect choice but how strongly the effect is applied to your signal.

Also included is a drum machine/rhythm section with multiple patterns in genres covering everything from Rock, Metal, and Pop, to Blues, Latin, and R & B.

Each section comes with a few variations of beats in that style selectable by pressing the variation button underneath the selector dial.

The other major feature is a Looper. This allows you to record one performance and have it playback while you create another one on top. By using the onboard drum machine and the Looper, a single performer could create a full track with drums, guitar, and bass, or drums a rhythm line and a platform to solo over. The Looper function can be set and accessed by the top of the unit, but also by the use of the three-button VFS3 footswitch for easy use in a live improv type of situation.

The VOX MINI GO 10 guitar amp can be taken with you anywhere you go, letting you enjoy playing anywhere, whether at home, on the street or in a concert venueTo make the unit truly portable, it can be run by a standard AC power plug, as well as a portable battery. It uses the standard portable battery size you can find easily available.

Vox seems to have left no stone unturned in creating a portable unit that provides enough options for a single performer to create an ensemble performance or multiple performers and backup tracks to be used on the fly in any applicable live situation.

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