Jamie Humphries

Jamie Humphries’ standing as a rock guitarist has seen him at the fore of guitar tuition for over 2 decades. His ability to imitate and uncover the playing of some of the greatest rock guitar players of all time and bringing their guitar secrets to aspiring players worldwide.


Jamie is best known as Brian May's sideman who he's played shows with all over the world. Aside from this, Jamie is a hugely popular clinician working all over the world with Ernie Ball Music Man and Mesa Boogie. As a long time student of respected teacher Phil Hilbourne, it wasn't long before Jamie had built up a huge array of his own students and his own spot teaching at Guilford's ACM along with magazine work like Guitar Techniques. In these positions Jamie gained a reputation as the go to guy for the more advances shred techniques of the 80s, from blistering legato to face melting sweep picking patterns.

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